Before I confuse you all to pieces, here is the guidelines I came up with for my blog;

1. I must post things EVERY DAY from Sunday-Thursday but I get Friday and Saturday off

2. If I am compelled by an article, I will post the link and hope for comments.

3. My pictures look at food not people. However, the people that made my meals possible should be seen in every photo –the farmers, the truckers, the sunshine, the smiley red-head cashier at the co-op, the chefs, and the dish washer.

4. Once a week, I will give a tribute. In rare cases, I will disclose the name of s/he.

5. I will not be silent, even if every one of my viewers gets sick of my continuous rants about food related issues. There is too much to be said.

6. It is time to elevate the volume. It might happen without noticing, like when I am telling a story to one person in a big room full of people and I zone in and get really excited and forget to notice that I am talking really loud. Well hello world.

me and my teddy, getting all ready

me and my teddy, getting all ready



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