volume or volume?


A business meeting with Bon’Appetit Chef and Manager leads to a delicious vegan lunch: black bean burger, spinach pea n pepper salad, pasta salad with zucchini and sundried tomato pasta salad, sweetie fries, pesto pizza, a vegan cranberry cookie, and an apple. Lets just say I got a little excited.

Skiing in Northern MN this weekend, I encountered a lot of V’s. First it was Vicki, the kind ski mom who invited us into her home and taught me the secrets behind her favorite bread recipe. Next it was V1 (offset), V2 (both sides), V-alternate (push and glide) during my skate ski lessons with Mike and Noah. The last 2 V’s were the result of 4 hours of driving down 35S and the contemplation it promoted. Volume and Volume.

volume |ˈvälyəm, -ˌyo͞om|

1. the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, esp. when great: the sewer could not cope with the volume of rainwater | a volume of air.

2. quantity or power of sound; degree of loudness: he turned the volume up on the radio.

Sometimes I think if I had more volume, I would be more powerful. Like a 6’5″ rugby player. Can my size be compensated for by my volume? By the elevation of my voice? or even better–by my actions? We live in a world where form oftentimes determines function, where first appearances and impressions matter, and where big strong men harness a lot of the power. What should be my next action if I wish to empower myself? Maybe going to the gym and pumping iron will convince the world of my strength, maybe breaking records with my mile will harness loads of power, or maybe turning faces with my smile is sufficient. I want them to turn not because of my exterior smile, but my interior smile. The one that motivates me to do right, face the world, and spread the love thinker than the power jam I put on my toast this morning.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention; vegan starts with V too 🙂


vegan alternative to lasagna at nordic team dinner: carrots and mini pbj’s. so yum.


she makes her bread the same every time, and its so good. 3c water, 6.5 c flour, 1.5 tbsp yeast, 1.5 tbsp salt. Mix and let it sit on counter for 2.5-4hours. Put in fridge for 10 hours. Use as needed, it will keep in the fridge for the next two weeks. Bake at 450 for 20-30 minutes depending on shape. Makes 4 loaves. (add any herbs or seasoning to jazz it up, substituting whole wheat flour is acceptable but more dense)


the secret to the texture of vicki’s bread’s: sauna rocks, splashed with water while baking.


thanks for the carrots Mr. Sun


Nordic breakfast: 2 parts bagel, 1 part hummus, 1 part raspberry jam, and some coffee with protein powder.


Nordic Lunch: 2 breads with hummus, onion, tomato, and lettuce. 2 pickles, pretzels, and an orange.


post-lunch tea and apple.


a pastalicious dinner after a long day of xc skiiing.


toast spread with power jam (2 tbsp jam + 2 tbsp protien powder)


i made it home to farm: navy beans, spicy carrot tomato sauce, polenta, and (hidden beneath) salad greens with a side of farm cookie and another occasion to do dishes with friends and folly.


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