one of these things is not like the other.


being vegan in the dining halls at Carleton is way too yummy. Best bite; crispy house-fried onion. It was used as a garnish for slow-roasted eggplant, but I could’ve eaten a whole plate.


Thank you chefs for keeping my taste buds excited.

Caution: this post has to do with food in the same way donkeys have to do with tennis. (ie its a stretch)

I keep feeling like I am missing something big, when the object is really quite small. My cell phone broke 5 nights ago. Tragic story: It got squashed by my falling bureau (chest of drawers) as I frantically bundled up for the below zero cold. Life lesson: I need to become more aware of my surroundings.

Methinks I am missing something big, like everyone else is going to receive a message notifying them that the sky is falling and that I will be out of the loop. Methinks I am missing something small, like a silly text from a friend or an invitation play a board game. But mostly methinks we are all missing something as we sign onto expensive 2-year contracts, upgrade often for the newest features, and use machines to stay connected.

A close soul told me “All I can say is I hope all my kids can figure out a way to make more money than they will need to spend in this life- it ain’t easy!” Maybe it is easier than s/he thinks, at least in regards to cell phones.

So I am doing an assessment; Do I need my phone? What do I need my phone for? Where do I need my phone?,2817,2375644,00.asp

It seems like I want to spent $8.33 a month, rid myself of texting, and get off of my parents plan. Unfortunately, I doubt that is within the scope of my current contract. Another lesson about dotting i’s and crossing t’s.



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