a word that I am thinking about, especially at is applies to a life

scope |skōp|
1 the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant: we widened the scope of our investigation | such questions go well beyond the scope of this book.
2 the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something: the scope for major change is always limited by political realities

Just because you are being loud, doesn’t mean you are saying much. Movements, projects, and papers can overwhelm your life and your thoughts. How you express yourself in times of whelm may not reflect what you are thinking. What you say can oppose what you do, or  what you do can attempt to compensate for what you think (or what you are thinking about). Problems unsolved can swell into major issues. The hardest part about learning and progress and shifting ideas is keeping your swiftly changing thoughts and actions in line, and being able to express and explain your revelations and revolutions to the ones who are nearest.

I have been working on Sustainability projects, scholarship proposals, Moodle posts, and planning for a Real Food Summit. So many ideas are buzzing through my head. Time is whizzing by, progress is being made, but it is difficult to judge if I’m right on track. I see deadlines on the horizon but they are not very threatening. I can get so caught up in the excitement that I miss getting other people on board for the ride. Or I can lose any sort of outsider perspective. Tonight I excitedly explained my initiative to decrease food waste on campus to food group members and housemates and they had no real interest in what I had to say, looking at me with blank eyes. If I had framed it in a different light, would they have gotten more excited? Am I even as excited about it as I appear to be. I may have miscalculated the range of possibility or failed to observe the interests of those around me as I intently focused on my own big idea. What is my scope?

smokey tea

smokey tea


winter squash pasta with seitan meatballs and mustard-lovers-only salad.


vegan chocolate cake.

vegan chocolate cake.




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