home sweet home, half way there, sweet as honey

this long weekend


Friday morning started with a complimentary cup-of-joe and a verbal agreement from the college to donate money to the food pantry for every clean plate tallied during the initiative. Friday ended with a visit from my sister and frenzied writing of a spanish paper.



Saturday morning started with a sister-bonding run followed by a hearty breakfast of couscous, honey, craisins, coconut flakes, and crusty almond butter from the bottom of the tub. It ended with tasty potstickers and tasteful dancing.



Sunday started with sprinting, I may be getting old but I still got it. We refueled with a large tub of vegan chili from the co-op and hit the road– homeward bound. I made some steamy naan to go with our lentil chickpea stew. My dad watched the Superbowl while the ladies listened to it in the background.


Monday morning was hurried along by another spanish deadline and a cereal cocktail made from a combination of all the cereals in my house (5-a-day the cereal way). Intermediately there was background check, eyes checked, hometown check, farroh with leftover stew and chili and my proudest creation: kale and mushrooms smothered in my special paste (peanut butter, tahini paste, sesame oil, olive oil, salt, red pepper flakes, and sesame seeds) and oven-roasted. It finished with dried figs, ginseng tea, and nibbles of something delicious that didn’t really taste like food.






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