Stewing brings out all the flavors


She stood as if she had never fallen

As if she was not accustomed to falling

As if she would be ashamed to ever fall

Or even stumble

But the door can be closed, the noise muffled

She spoke like she knew this was the thing

Her energy directed in a perfect stream

As if there was a right and wrong direction

Things can seem to be

But they differ from what they are

She thought that she could conquer all

That people would move with her river’s flow

That habit could be swapped like trading cards

Blastoise or Charizard

But water is not the same as fire

She took a wrong turn because it seemed interesting

Ignorant of the danger of an unknown city

Is it innocence or bravery or stupidity

He said “Keep running, I’ll chase you until…”

But she never looked back

She finds comfort in touch, el tacto

She seeks strange lands in what she tastes, el gusto

She often blocks out what she need not hear, el sonido

Is numbness a sensation?

But her vision is poor and her smell is not the same, la vista/el oleo

She fears future plans will blur the current moment

She wants to feel what is now not in the distance

While securing the distant moments too

Some call this planning

But there must be a more spontaneous word

She is living

She is matter

She knows that she matters

She is not sure of what matters

But she will figure it out

Inspired by The Poet by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a long bus ride, and some rumination.


hummus all dolled up


a smashing professor dinner; greek lentil stew, cous cous/cauliflower/olive salad, hummus, dolmas, (not pictured) bread, apple pie, and chocolate cake. ALL vegan.


greek slow-cooker lentil stew; green lentils, diced tomato, spinach, onion, celery, oregano, thyme, and time (~8 hours @ 250F).



Middle Eastern dolma: grape leaves, rice, parsley, lemon, dill and other seasonings. Stuffed, steamed, and served.



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