A rocky relationship

I used to hate food. I thought it was a hassle and proposed an outer-space solution– let’s just jet-pack all necessary nutrition into one little tablet that everyone in the world can swallow and there goes world hunger and obesity. Welcome world peace.

I used to hate food. I used to hate food because I thought every morsel would go straight to those tumors that rested on my tummy and wrapped around my thighs. Those tumors that most people call fat.

I used to hate food. I used to hate food because I didn’t really get it and I thought that calories were evil and I monitored them closely so that I could control the devilish substances that I had to ingest because not eating isn’t normal.

I used to hate food. I used to hate food because if it tasted too good it meant I shouldn’t eat it but those are the things that I couldn’t stop eating, the things we all were eating. The pleasure of the tongue knows not moderation.

I used to hate food. I used to hate food because my Mom would toil over supper and then someone would be late and then dinner would be ruined before it even started. The taste of food never mattered so little.

Now I love food. I love food because I was part responsible for this miracle that transformed a weedy field into a utopia of vegetables that provided energy and vitamins to the brilliant bodies around me. I’d sing lullabies to my eggplant-babies. Food never seemed so simple.

Now I love food. I love food because it has the power to bring people together and to promote celebration with every thoughtful bite. Coffee chocolate beer cake for a big birthday celebration and a carefully composed quiche for two.

Now I love food. I love food because kneading bread dough squishes negative energy out of my body and into little wheaty air-bubbles that release with steam when baking. The outcome of this process can be shared with all.

Now I love food. I love food because cooking with someone brings out their true flavors and it is a little known secret that people truly do taste good, especially when accompanied by a dish that starts with onions sauteed in olive oil.

But whats wrong with the system? We draw closer to jet-packet pills with every packaged fruit gusher and “nutri-system” program that makes it easy to become more disconnected with our food so we can focus more on exercising or looking really pretty or losing weight. Can anyone see the connection?

Whats wrong with our food system? We are showing children our fad diets and ongoing weight frustration and how they should look. The big eyes and tiny waste-line of dehydrated models whose tummies can stick out too, just not in the picture. No one is showing them how to cook.

What is wrong with our food system? The job of a farmer is far too simple for big-brained Americans who don’t have time to worry about their food because they are off dealing with their money and other important affairs. Even grocery shopping is a hassle.

What is wrong with our food system? The labor on the fields is not seen by the buyer who is unknowingly supporting poor treatment of farm-workers. The mist that you see is not a refreshing spray of water, those are pesticides.

Whats happening right? We are meeting at a table, over a beautiful meal, and discussing the problems so that one day maybe we might find the solution. [Northfield Food Alliance]

(These passionate stanzas could extend too infinity, but now it is time for bed. Oatmeal for breakfast?)


roasted sweet potatoes, roughly chopped


sweet potatoes and cinnamon, crispy green beans, caramelized onions, and a crunchy bitter sweet n tangy cabbage salad.


Farm-style asian cuisime. Rice, black beans, stir-fried vegetables topped with a spicy swirl of sriracha.


Lunch tin- leftover rice, carrots, spinach, olive oil and seasonings up the whazoo (nutritional yeast, cilantro, smoked paprika, turmeric, cumin, salt, and pepper)


My Middle School Cooking Class boys showing off their vibrant flavors.


Stir fry: green onions, carrots, tomato, jalapeño, sesame seeds. Sauce: lime juice, soy sauce, and a little maple syrup. Garnished with love.


amaranth almond apple porridge for breakfast.


fiesta night: homemade wheat tortillas, slow cooker refried beans, rubbed kale sprinkled with lime, cornbread, guacamole, and salsa.


winter citrus salad for a baby shower potluck. sliced grapefruit, navel oranges, cara cara oranges, and tangelos. Sprinkled with pepitas and a ginger lime maple syrup dressing.


vegan granola bars.


freshly fetched eggs, cleaned, massages, and aesthetically arranged. They are all little masterpieces.


another lovely farm dinner


Bon Appetit’s salad bar is always pleasing PURPLE potatoes, WILD rice, ROASTED carrots, BABY BIB lettuce, summer squash MEDLEY, and so much more.


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