city lights – it never gets dark here.


huacas, or historical ruins from around 500 AD, are scattered throughout Lima

Lima from Cerro San Cristobal



papas de mani con arroz hecho de mi mama peruana


pisco sour


el mar y el sol.


mía, la nieta de mi mama peruana


granada grande y yo

The city of Lima has treated me well so far. In class we are learning about la conquista española, Fujimorismo, democratización, Sendero Luminoso (the Shining Path), and el conflicto entre ser un hombre (o una mujer) político y intelectual en Peru. We are volunteering 3 times a week. On Sunday we go to La Casa de Panchita, an NGO that provides English assistance, tutoring, and a safe space for under-aged domestic workers. During the week we volunteer for CEDRO, an NGO that implements drug prevention and education programs for adolescents into the poorest barrios (neighboorhoods) of Lima.  In my free time I have been trying all of the foods, running around a little park near my house, I went to Shakespeare’s The 12th night en Español, a discoteca called Bier Haus, and una playa nearby called El Silencio. I have especially enjoyed walking or riding the micro’s (Lima’s bus system) around and observing people amidst the bustle of la vida limeña. At home, I have been getting to know my lovely host mom Rosana. She is so sweet and she keeps doing everything for me! I tell her I am not used to this, explain that I rarely wash my sheets in college, ask to help prepare dinner but she insists that it is her pleasure. So my breakfast is ready for me in the morning and my clothes are washed and folded for me. I am always saying “Gracias! Muchas gracias!” and she replies “De que?” (Its nothing.)

My next post will detail my adventures and experimentation with street food in Lima. I think my stomach is ready 🙂 If it isn’t, the next post might have some messy details.