Hunger Travels


Hunger travels to Cuzco where it is met by a plate with noodles and potato and half of an animal that many think of as a pet but Peruvians like to season and fry or bake or stew. Cuy. It was cut bilaterally with its face still on. Hunger thinks its fun to pick the meat off of its tiny ribs.

Hunger travels along the interoceanic highway that links Peru to Brazil and stops at small villages in the mountains along the way. Garbanzo and potato stew reminds hunger of food from the Farm House kitchen. An adorable young girl vends vegetables at a market.

Hunger stays at a hotel in Ocongate for the night. Before sundown it rests on a rock on a beautiful river, returning to the hotel it finds alpaca meatballs and mashed potatoes. Hunger loves meatballs.

Hunger travels by boat deep into the Amazon, eating lunch out of banana leaves. Fried rice one day and an egg bake the next. The jungle is teeming with life and many yummy fruits and bugs. Hunger eats a crunchy little termite and drinks jungle juice.

Hunger walks through the streets of Cusco and is distracted by every little smell. It finds a late night hamburger stand where the griddle is hot and the man knows just how to smoosh the bun into the cheese and the cheese into the patty and the patty into the egg and the egg into the other bun. He tops it with aji. Hunger also finds other street snacks-  corn on the cob with cheese, boiled quail eggs sprinkled with salt that pop so pleasantly in mouth, and carrot cake.

Hunger walks up a many stairs to the top of a mountain for a scenic picnic with friends. The climb creates tension but the picnic brought them together. They play house in ancient ruins.

Hunger finds a small village that subsists off a simple root and a lot of care- Parque de la Papa. Hunger tires from four days of the potatoes but the hunger of this community for the potato never wanes. There are over 1350 different varieties and they work together to cultivate them on the mountain slopes. They know which potato likes which altitude, what fields need to rest, and what type of potato tastes best in every dish. They make soup and stew and and porridge and pachamanca but most often they just enjoy boiled potatoes, skin on, with a little salt.

Hunger makes it back to Lima to rest for a day before another adventure to the north coast where it looks forward to eating seafood on the beach and José’s all-time favorite dessert “King Kong”.


I Cuy = Guinea pig, a Peruvian delicacy. It looks scary but it was quite delicious.



Tasty garbanzo stew in Andahuaylas, Peru


These dogs look like my dogs. But they didn’t like me as much.


a stop at market in a small village


beautiful vistas along the inter-oceanic highway from Cusco to Puerto Maldonata


The river behind our hotel in Ocongate, Peru.


Albondigas de alpaca for dinner. YUM.


La Reserva Nacional de Tambopata


At the tippy top of Huaynapicchu in Machu Picchu


Food served in a banana leaf- now that’s sustainable. Egg bake with potatoes and cheese. Nummms




el rio de tambopata


José gathered flowers and held them against the mountain backdrop for a picture-perfect moment.


Hamburguesa a la pobre: hamburger, cheese, egg, hotdog, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, aji, bun. This guy flipped some good patties.


The burger truck in Cusco.


a snack of quail eggs on the street.


torta de zanahoria.


a picnic of bread, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber. olives, lime, grapes and more near Saqsaywaman, Peru


pisco sour followed by a mojito ..slurp slurp


pacha mama restaurant in Parque de la Papa.


These ladies cook a mean potato.


Ruth Karina en la cocina.


en ropa tradicional.


PAPAS. There are over 1350 varieties.


fixing to make Pachamanca (quechua for “earth kettle”) a delicious stew with many varieties of potatoes, alpaca, chicken, green beans, plantains, tamales, and herbs cooked with hot stones in the ground.


pachamanca. Everything these people do starts with potatoes.


carne sizzling on hot rocks. smells so good.


The cooperation it took to make this meal was phenomenal. This community knows how to work together.


pachamanca. collecting the deliciousness from the hot stones.


pachamanca. habas, platanos, y alpaca.


potatoes. I like the burnt parts.


el fin. a feast.


the clouds rolling in at parque de la papa.


oka, a delicious type of tuber. similar in taste to a sweet potato.


choclo con queso. a great snack.


herbal tea in cusco. it tasted like health.


Saying goodbye to my potato sisters Yulissa and Ruth Karina


machu picchu, incredible.


We found this fruit on a tree. It was really sour.


a view from parque de la papa.


The beautiful views kept coming.


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