una despedida

After 134 days in Perú, I am coming home.

I am coming home to hugs and kisses from family and friends that I miss very much

I am coming home to summertime in the Midwest.

I am coming home to refreshing lakes and rivers.

I am coming home to wild Michigan blueberries fresh for the picking.

I am coming home to my big brothers wedding.

I am coming home to send my little sister off to college.

I am coming home to relax and reset and readjust to life in the USA.

I am leaving a pack of loved one’s here.

Rosana, mi mama peruana, who has taken such good care of me during my time in Lima and who made the best arroz con leche on the planet for my farewell dinner last night.

José, the man who made all things possible for me in Perú, my teacher, tour guide, body guard, and friend.

Anna, who will be here for another month exploring with her lovely parents before returning to a bucket of wild Oregon blackberries that have been carefully saved for her back home.

Palta, papas, yuca, camote, chirimoya, ají, jabas, tuna (the fruit), coco, platanitos, canchita, chifles, ceviche, maní tostado y polvado, and pisco sour – delicious foods that sprinkle the streets and fill the open-air markets.

A fierce sun and, more recently, dense clouds and fog that chill you to the bones.

Huaycán dust and the people that keep it in order and give life to the foothills.

LLI, the organization that threw me into a classroom full of wonderful kids and taught me about patience and discipline.


el mercado


biohuerto ladies and their fence


saying goodbye and saying hello


my house in Lima


betsabe – she’s a punk, but I love her


the lady that I often see waddling up the hill


trash and beauty


goodbye for now.

Perú has treated me well and (god-willing) I’ll be back some day but for now, it’s time to go home.



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