season of isolatation

I see nothing of the passerby, bundled up in winter wear

I find it hard to be friendly to the face whose mouth is buried by a scarf

A muffled hello would not equate to anything of intimacy

And besides, I am rushing to get to the next warming station,

a building where I will sit alone and do my work.

Are we smiling or are we sad?


It’s a hard cold – one that confines bursts of energy into buildings,

Makes even the sunniest people wonder about seasonal affective disorder,

And makes me think about loneliness.


Winter asks that I make adjustments.


I tried to workout inside last week and I missed the fresh air.

My new mantra says get outside. You are a fierce animal built to withstand.

I went running today despite the blustery cold

And it gave me confidence like I beast.


My housemate offered to lend me her “happy lamp”

I say yes, I’ll try anything.

Next step: Vitamin D supplements


Extreme weather cancels broomball games and immigration panels

But I won’t let the layers of artificial warmth that I clothe myself with replace the real things in life that make me feel warm.

The people I love and the activities that keep me regular.


To breathing in the cold.


Loneliness is lethal –

Fill your vessel.


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